Fabrication & Installation

So sorry for the delay in update. Chris and I went away on a 2 week vacation and I didn’t want to declare our absence all over the internet.

When we left we had no counters. We had our fabricators over multiple times to measure and told them where to pick up the marble. In the end we went for the marble I thought looked a little grey. After looking at four different slabs from four different retailers we decided that for the price, the below slab was a steal.

IMG_20140726_105319814 (1)

We were pretty nervous that the measurements our fabricators took weren’t as accurate as they should have been. With English being their second language we were concerned that details were lost in translation. We bought three slabs for 60 square feet and IF everything went just right we could return one of the slabs. That’s almost a grand in savings. But, instead of fretting we handed over our deposit, boarded our plane and went off to relax; a week in Texas with my family and a week in Belize. If anyone is thinking of going to Belize we highly recommend it and will happily tell you where we had our best experiences.

2 weeks and 2 days later our fabricators came back and installed our counters… perfectly! Unfortunately though our marble was a bit brittle and cracked where it shouldn’t have so three slabs were needed  in the end and we were so grateful to have been able to afford three in the first place. We did get a nice sized remnant and I can’t wait to show you what we did with it… *Hint: It’s spirited*


It was such an exciting day. Finally counters back in place. I never thought I’d appreciate a surface so much. But do you know what trumps counters? A SINK AND A STOVE! Hurray for Chris for getting all the appliances installed!