Why call it Bianco if it’s Grigio?

To me the whole purpose of DIY is to save money. If I found something that was priced reasonably and I LOVED it I’d buy. Unfortunately most things in the home department aren’t PERFECT and I convince myself we can do it better.


I like to imagine this is what Chris and I look like on our quest for the perfect marble

We have approximately 60 sq/ft in countertops and have our eyes set on Carrara Marble. There’s something so right about using natural stone in the kitchen. So many retailers have tried to convince us to use a different material but we’re too stubborn to listen. I’ve never been a fan of granite so when we realized Carrara Marble was cheaper than granite we never looked back.

Home Depot has Carrara Marble and claims to have the best price, ($60 s/ft) including installation. Home Depot quotes on used square footage instead of charging you per marble slab. We did our own calculations and thought it’d be $3,800. When we sat down for a real quote it jumped to $4,300… we’re really not sure how the price changed but we went with it and set off to Arizona Tile to pick out our marble slab.

We’ve done a TON of research on Carrara Marble and everyone (other bloggers) suggests having Carrara honed and sealed when using it in a kitchen. Unfortunately Arizona Tile and Home Depot looked at us like we were crazy. On top of Arizona Tile not understanding the concept of honing Carrara Marble theirs looked like one giant grey smudge. I didn’t even take a photo I was so sad over the quality. The sales rep told us all the Carrara Bianco out of Italy right now was coming out grey.

Why call it Bianco if it’s Grigio? Really.

We walked away with our heads hung low, thinking that we’d end up paying more money for Carrara Marble we didn’t even like.

Chris immediately got on the phones and started calling other marble distributors and getting referrals to fabricators. We’ve seen and been quoted a range of whites and prices of Carrara marble. Yes it is true. Carrara is running a bit grey these days and people are charging extra for the clarity. BUT if you hunt around and do the coordinating yourself you just might save a few hundred dollars.


This slab is $850… I think it’s too grey but it’s not as bad as the first batch we saw

So far our best fabrication quote is $1700 (though I am sure that price will rise once he does true measurements) and $850 per (honed) slab. We’ll need 2 slabs and hopefully not more. Even though the slab isn’t the whitest it’s better that what Arizona Tile was offering.

So far we’re hovering around $3,400 !!! Eat that Home Depot!