Kitchen – Inspiration

Hi Everyone. It has been too long. I started a new job and the past few months I’ve been getting used to the new pace. First of all I will say that I love my job. Secondly, I have missed blogging and am excited to report that Chris and I are in full reno swing. We’ve pulled together a small amount of money, about 10k, and have decided to embark on a full kitchen reno. By full, I mean change EVERYTHING but the appliances… one day I will have a new fridge and it will be glorious.

Long ago when a new kitchen was but a dream this was the photo we’d constantly refer to. We love the gray cabinets, white marble and brass pulls. I love the idea of using chandeliers in the kitchen but think I’ve found something a bit more “me” since originally spotting this photo.

ChandelierAfter studying the above photo for almost a year my tastes either changed or I honed into what I really wanted. Chris and I like things a bit industrial, while at the same time love romance… that’s when I realized we should have an Industrial Art Nouveau French kitchen. So, what does that mean? To me industrial equals brass. Art Nouveau is clean lines with a flare. And French is white marble, reclaimed wood and bistro chairs. Once I had that idea in my head I discovered this image, and isn’t it exquisite.

Bistro Chairs

The above photo is stunning. To get the deco vibe I’m looking for I realized I could do it in the lighting. My mother found a gorgeous counter weight chandelier at an antique festival a few years ago with glass shades and deco filigree. I started searching around for counterweight pendant lighting and found these options.


3-French-House Light


Check back for updates. I’d like to say things are moving along quickly so an update post is likely to come in the next couple days. Would love to know your thoughts on the direction we’re going! The comment button is right below here at the end of the long lists of tags.