Middle Men

One thing I’ve learned so far is that if you cut out the middle man you can save.

When I learned that the Turkish Cube Tile was $800 for 60 sq/ft I moved my attention to subway tile. Unfortunately for Chris straight 3 x 6 subway tile is too predictable for me and I had to do something different. I thought about laying it out in a herringbone fashion but 3 x 6 on an angle looks more like a basket weave than herringbone. I was at a loss until I found this image on Pinterest and decided it was the perfect median between classic subway tile and the Turkish Cube. But now… is it cheaper?

Gold Herringbone

At first I didn’t know what size tile to look for. I’m still not 100% sure, but I think the tile above is 2 x 8. If you search 2 x 8 subway tile you can find it at about $7.00 a sq/ft and up. I am willing to spend $400 total on my tiled wall so I needed to find the tile for less than $6.00 a sq/ft. ModWalls has the lockdown on 2 x 8 tile, but they’re charging $36.95 a sq/ft for white 2 x8 subway tile. I repeat THIRTY SIX DOLLARS FOR ONE SQUARE FOOT. Are they insane?

Then it hit me. Why am I referring to 2 x 8 as as subway tile? It’s not subway. It’s rectangle. So I changed my search term to just 2 x 8 ceramic tile and I found it in white for $4.60 a sq/ft. Boom! You can find the deal here, www.southcypress.com. People are charging for the term!!! We can outsmart them people! Don’t over pay! (I say this now… I’ll do an update on quality once I get them.)

White Tile Herringbone

I called South Cypress and they had the tile in stock… only hitch was that they’re based in Dallas, TX and would charge me $140 for shipping! I said thank you very much and immediately called the manufacture, InterCeramic; asked to tell me who distributes the tile in Los Angeles, called that company who then referred me to a retailer and got him to order me 8 cases at $5.00 a sq/ft.

The only middle man I cut out on this one was shipping. But hey! I found some wiggle room, put in the effort, saved myself $90 bucks and I get them tomorrow! Making little savings like this here and there makes me believe I’m $90 closer to getting the dream bistro chairs. I will believe!


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