I’ve had a few people ask me how I decide to spend the budget; when to splurge and when to save. Two things I always keep in mind are whether or not the next owner will appreciate our splurge and whether or not we can take the item with us.

Blue Rhombus

I can’t take a the tiled wall with me and I cannot guarantee the next owner will enjoy it. Going over budget for a rhombus wall just isn’t justified.

The Kalebodur tile I found is stunning but I don’t think it will increase the value of the home as much as installing marble counter tops. I considered only tiling up to the first open shelf but then the “wow” factor of a tiled wall is gone.

Subway Tile Stove

The dream of the rhombus tile has not died entirely. Chris and I are scouring the internet for diamond, harlequin, rhomboid, rhombus tiles. We’re hoping we can find a white tile manufactured by someone that doesn’t realize their tile’s potential… wishful thinking ; )

Last night we found a diamond tile for .86 cents a tile out of San Diego. We thought we found what we were looking for but when we imported the image into Photoshop and started to build the pattern we realized quickly the diamond was not a rhombus and the pattern wasn’t possible.

diamond tile

“This tile isn’t what I found last night,but is close… now I’m tempted to see if it can work!”

So no, we haven’t given up on doing a rhombus wall, but if we can’t find a solution soon we will most likely do the safest and cheapest option out there… subway tile. HOWEVER, I’ve never done anything easy so don’t expect the subway to be completely ordinary… it will likely be over sized, have dark grout or be laid out in herringbone pattern.

No matter what, if I don’t get what I want now… I will definitely be setting money aside to get what I want later!


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