Kitchen – Demo Update

Chris could not wait to tear out the kitchen. It was a late afternoon when we hit our savings goal. I entered the house as usual and Chris went straight to his drill and started dismantling the doors. When this man hears the word go he hears GO… NOW!

Demo_1The doors were out of the house and into a neat pile by 7:00pm. By 12:00pm the following day the shelves where gone. Chris did a great job dismantling everything so we were able to list the cabinets in the free section of Craigslist and give them away rather than hauling them to the dump. Unfortunately the counter top was not salvageable and is currently littering our front yard. It’s quite the eye sore.

Demo_2We left the kitchen sink for as long as possible.

Demo_5For a few extra days our kitchen was semi operational… Now our poor bathroom sink is handling dishes… I am REALLY looking forward to getting our kitchen sink back.

Demo_7The area next to the tap is currently holding us up. Sheetrock is too either to thick or too thin to lay in so we’ve spent days floating and re floating making that area flush. LUCKILY we don’t have to worry about the wall where the shelves were because that’s going to covered in tile board and tiled.




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