Kitchen – Design

At present things are moving slower than I’d like. It’s Sunday morning and we’re waiting for the plumber to arrive. We have to move the kitchen sink two feet to the left, the dishwasher to the left, add a hot water line for the on demand hot water tap and add a line to the freezer so we can have ice again. As we wait for the plumber we also wait for the dry wall patch to dry. Our house was built in 1926 and still has all the original lathe and plaster. Whenever we remove anything from a wall we can’t just rehang dry wall, tape and float. We get the pleasure of hanging drywall, taping and floating and skimming for days to flush out the wall. We’d be days into mounting cabinets by now if we didn’t have to wait days for plaster to dry. I’m not complaining… I’m just not the most patient person. ; ) So, while we wait, I’ll share with you our design. IKEA Design The wall of tile is on the right will have open shelving. Below is the kitchen after the center wall was removed last year. We bought the island when we hosted Thanksgiving last year and put plywood on top for a temporary countertop… I didn’t think it’d last 8 months… it has. Kitchen Stage 2 Before The sink and tap will move under the window. The range we are selling and will install a separate range top and oven. The top will be in the island and the oven will be under the countertop about where the cutting board is in the photo. Our countertops will extend past where they are now about 2 1/2 feet. Kitchen Stage 2 Before_2The other side of the room is pretty messy but I’ll show it to you anyway. Kitchen Stage 2 Before_3Eventually we’ll sell our washer dryer and replace it with a counter depth electric ventless unit that will hide in a cabinet. Here is a rendering of what we’re going for on this side of the room. IKEA Design Laundry DIY’s coming soon on building cabinet bases, tiling and an IKEA hack for the center island.


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