Kitchen – Budget

Above is tile I thought we could afford in our new kitchen. I saw it on a blog somewhere and tracked it down to Australia. Unfortunately Academy Tiles doesn’t ship to the United States. I couldn’t get the tile out of my mind and found a US distributor in Brooklyn, NY… they’re in America… just on the wrong coast. We need 60 sq/ft and this tile and will end up running us about $800 including shipping. I didn’t bat an eye until Chris told me 60 sq/ft of subway tile from Home Depot would run us about $100… That’s when the the Kalebodur Tile dream died.

Sometimes dreams are dreams and realities are realities. Below is my “realistic” budget.

Cabinets from IKEA – $2000 (Akurum)
Carrara Marble – $4000 (65 sq/ft)
Tile – $150
Cabinet Doors – $1000
Reclaimed Wood Shelves – $500 (3 including brackets)
Paint – $500
Apron Front Sink from IKEA – $300
Kitchen Sink Tap – $300
On Demand Hot Water Tap – $170
Island Pot Filler – $175
Electric – $340
Plumbing $500
Misc Materials – $400
TOTAL – $10,335

This rough estimate leaves no room for the bistro chairs, light fixture, or recessed lighting.

Here is the floor plan we created on the IKEA builder. By we I mean Chris sat at the computer for hours measuring and remeasuring configuring and reconfiguring.

IKEA Layout

We came up with this floor plan before we took our first wall out. This is how the kitchen looked when we moved in.


To the left of the above photo was a wall dividing the room making a breakfast nook and mud room.

Breakfast Nook

When we budgeted building the downstairs apartment we asked the contractor to take out the dividing wall leaving us with one big square space.

Kitchen BeforeWe’ve had this big square for just over a year and we’re finally adding to it.

Demo'd Kitchen_1

We also asked to have the breakfast nook window made into a door for a deck.

To the future

The deck is by far one of the best ideas we’ve had. I never thought it was possible but Chris insisted we could do it. It’s really happening everyone. We’re completing our kitchen and will share with you here how we made it all happen on a micro budget.



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