Month: May 2014

DIY Framing

Now that Chris and I have finished renovating our downstairs we’re finally putting focus on our upstairs. Our walls have been stark for about 2 years and we’re ready to fill them up with beautiful pieces of art.

It been a long time since I bought anything to hang on a wall and I had no idea custom framing was so expensive!

We had 3 lovely prints designed for a wedding gift and wanted them framed. Unfortunately for us all 3 were odd sizes and needed to be custom framed. We got quotes here in Los Angeles and were utterly shocked at what people are willing to pay. To frame the two 8 x 10’s alone were $200 a piece! I didn’t even ask how much they’d charged for the larger one. Luckily for us the wedding was in England and even with the currency exchange we saved big time. To have all 3 prints framed in England cost less than half of one 8 x 10.


We never got the after photo but just imagine how good these looked framed : )

Why framing is so expensive, I don’t know. How can you avoid paying the extortionate fees… for now I will only buy standard sized art to avoid custom framing all together… artists! Please paint on standard sizes if you can!

Recently while out at a flea market in Hollywood Chris and I bought a piece of watercolor art and couldn’t wait to get it on the wall. We went straight to Aaron Brothers and the salesman there was super helpful. Chris and I initially thought we’d frame it in black with an off white matte, but when I saw a pre packaged white on white I knew that’s what we needed to do. Of course… it was the ONE frame NOT on sale.

Luckily, the attendant found a comparable frame and dashed off to find us a white matte. What I loved about the full price frame is that it had 2 mattes, one of which floated a centimeter above a larger matte. I never knew why mattes were sold together like this… I always thought it was a buy one get one free deal… apparently you’re supposed to use both.

For Aaron Brothers to raise the matte and match the look of the full price frame they were going to charge us $60. We just smiled, bought the matte and frame for $30 and walked out the door.

Here’s what we did to get the same look!



Lay the smaller matte in the frame first.


Tape cardboard to the matte.


Lay in the larger matte and tape in your art.


Isn’t she cute! We need to name her.

Check back for updates on our collage wall. It’s almost complete!