Sprinkler DIY – Coming Soon

Hi Everyone. Last weekend we started updating our existing sprinkler system and all week we’ve been trouble shooting. This weekend we plan on finishing most of it. I cannot wait!

In the meantime while you wait around for the DIY I thought I’d build a diagram showing you what we want to eventually have landscaping wise. Have you ever been to Small Blue Printer ?? It is amazing! No log in necessary, no membership, no fees. Just go to the website and start designing.

I created this in about an hour.

Garden Diagram

What a fantasy this seems like right now. Green grass in the front yard, decomposed granite path to the front door and in the back yard. A fountain in the walkway and a fireplace against the fence. Vegetable garden. Blooming tree. Avocado growing next to the deck in the back yard. Vining roses growing along the back fence. It’s going to happen because we’re going to do it all ourselves and save a ton of money… I hope : /

Check back to see our progress laying in the sprinkler system for all these gorgeous future plants!


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