Have you all seen this new online gardening store Terrain? I love it. If Anthropolgie had a garden center, this would be it.


I have been trying to envision a front yard landscape for some time now and I think because I am full of contradictions and can’t commit to anything the front yard is the way it is… a mess.


Let me just first say our yard is in no way typical. It is divided  into two different levels by a retaining wall with one level sloping horizontally down the hill. The second and main level has three sections, one side filled with gravel, a walkway to the front door in the middle and the other side with dying grass. It’s pretty ugly to look at and I am embarrassed that it is ours…

This photo was when we just laid the gravel and sod... Say hi to my mom!

This photo was when we just laid the gravel and sod… Say hi to my mom!

I want a garden that is lush and green.


But, California is in a drought and because I stay informed I can’t be a part of the problem. I am ok with succulent gardens but I just don’t like the desert look. How you can relax in a garden full of spikes?

I want an environmentally friendly yard that has succulents and roses. Saves me water but also feels like an overgrown secret garden. I thought I was asking for the impossible until I found this at Terrain.


The designer behind this beautiful arrangement says he got his inspiration from Tangier, Morocco… Chris and I met in Tangier, Morocco. I think his inspiration was made for our garden. It’s in a pot, but imagine it as the yard. I’m still wrapping my own head around it but I think the plants being used in this arrangement will give me everything I am looking for.

Here are the plants he used in the pot.

Eucalyptus – My Trees!
Blue Sedge – An ornamental grass that can be used as ground cover.
Talinum – Would plant this near and in the Blue Sedge
Blue Oat Grass – Would maybe plant this in the middle?
Apricot Abutilon – Love this flower.
Echeveria – The Succulents.

I had some time to spare so I looked up the plants I liked and dropped them into the raised level of our garden. The roses around the windows (and try not to make fun of my hand drawn window…) are too bushy. I would thin them out A LOT, but other than that I think this looks a lot like the Terrain planter inspiration image. Just still not sure what do do on the main level…

Garden Inspiration


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