Oh Plumbing

Bathtub DIY

Isn’t life fun when you get thrown a curve ball in the form of a hot water tap not shutting off just after you’ve made a bubble bath at one in the morning. I knew my evening would be longer than usual when I had to finish a work assignment but I had no idea Chris and I would be running around the house with wrenches then relaxing in the tub next to a bag of tools.

In the end the tap couldn’t be fixed with the tools we had on hand so Chris had to turn the water off at the main line. The rest of the evening and this morning was spent with us rationing water onto toothbrushes and heating water up to wash faces…

Tonight we plan on fixing the broken tap ourselves. Check back here for the DIY. … yay?

#DIYLife or #WhenYouDon’tWantToPayAPlumber or #Life     Which are you?


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