Month: March 2014

The Vacuum Dance

How many of you have those small rugs that cannot be vacuumed without being eaten up by the vacuum’s brush? I think my vacuum has some rage issues against small rugs. When it has one in it’s cross hairs it not only chews them up but sucks it so far up and around the brush is kills itself. My vacuum commits suicide about 3 times a rug, and I have 2. 6 suicides is something I can no longer handle.

NOW, however, I THINK I just found a trick to vacuuming these pesky rugs and keeping them from being chewed up by the machine. I simply take the rugs to a larger rug, plop them on the floor and vacuum them there. I was amazed at how much easier they were to vacuum and took me a quarter of the time to do.

Yay for simple obvious tricks!