Today is Friday and Chris and I are gearing up for a fast and focused final push downstairs tomorrow day because tomorrow night we’re hosting an “open house” for all our friends to see what we’ve accomplished and to celebrate that we’re finally done.

BC Apt Living to Kitchen

Before: This is the living room and Kitchen (oh you’ll see)

Game Plan

  • Caulk around existing gaps.
  • Touch up paint on the walls
  • Paint a window
  • Paint the front door
  • Chop down overgrown shrubs
  • Haul away ALL the debris we’ve collected and take it to the dump

BS Apt Living to Bedroom 2

Before: Stairs leading up to the bedroom and bathroom

It doesn’t sound like too much work but that’s what gets us into trouble. We think we have time to enjoy the morning and before we know it it’s lunch and we’re not where we should be.

BC Apt Bedroom:Closet

Before: Bedroom/Bed Platform and Closet

Because I know you’re so curious I included some of our original “before” photos of the “apartment” when it was just a very odd odd space below our house. Monday I’ll post our after photos.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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