I don’t know about you all but I have been unable to find any time to start a new project. Chris and I are downstairs finishing our apartment on Saturdays, but Sundays keep getting gobbled up by work or someone’s party.

We’ve made a conscious effort this year to not ignore our friends for our projects. We made that mistake last year and yes we got a lot done but we’ve really lost touch with a lot of good people. I’m not sure if many people noticed that we were absent  because we live in Los Angeles and people are never that accessible. But between working during the week, working on the downstairs on Saturdays and hanging out on Sunday, I’ve not been able to start any of the projects I’ve been wanting to.

I started to compost… which is just a hole in the yard I keep throwing vegetables into.

I want to wallpaper and trim out our hallway upstairs.

I have about 30 bulbs I need to plant.

and our office is need of a giant overhaul.

The apartment should be done by this Saturday. We cannot wait! Check back here soon for before and after photos!


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