I DIY Everything…

I’ve been a DIY’r for a long time but didn’t think anyone was that interested. After posting some before and after photos on my Facebook I realized I might have an audience that doesn’t want to have to troll through my daily status updates to find a good before and after photo.

I go beyond crafts and home building. Recently my husband and I had a FedEx package stolen from our front porch so the next day he repositioned our security camera and the thief came back. We called the police to hand over our evidence but said they couldn’t do much because there was no license plate… so guess what we’re about to do ourselves now… stay tuned for that.

As I said, I am a DIY’r to an extreme.

When I see something I love. I don’t buy it. I think, “I’ll make it myself.” Recently my DIY ambition has turned a corner and I decided I should share the processes… for the public.

I’ll try to update daily about what is currently interesting to me and what projects I’m likely to conquer next.

Currently I am renovating/creating a downstairs income property. The project is nearly done and I will be moving on to more projects upstairs and in the garden.

This is the main garden inspiration. I love the low maintenance of the actual yard and the lush greenery around it. The outdoor fireplace is also a must have.

This is our must have kitchen and is the next thing on our todo list.

I can’t wait to get started!


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