Month: February 2014

DIY: The Barn Door

The original door we found downstairs that lead to the bedroom was gorgeous. I loved it because it was solid hardwood, tall and skinny, and the hardware on it was straight from the twenties. Because of its unusual size I like to imagine that the room was built around the door instead of the other way around.

In the end, after we updated the staircase, the original door would no longer  latch shut so we had to come up with a solution. 

I’m not sure if you noticed but we tore out the original ceiling which took the new ceiling height to 15′. A dramatic difference between the 9′ ceiling we had in there before. Once we gained all that height the space screamed to be styled into a loft/urban/cabin retreat. So when we had to decide on what kind of door to install we knew immediately it had to be a barn door.

Chris found the pocket sliding door hardware from Amazon and the rest of the materials came from Home Depot.  

Pocket Door

We bought nine 8 foot 1×6’s and one 8ft 2×6. I sanded them down getting rid of any markings and rough edges then went over each one with one coat of Minwax Wood Finish – Dark Walnut. I love the color and the way it looks next to the random turquoise color I found in the discard pile. 


We realized you see the screws on a barn door so we wanted them to look good. When I found the GRK Cabinet Screws on the shelf we decided it was worth extra couple dollars. 


Chris cut down the wood and assembled the pieces. The hardest part of this job was hanging the door. 

First, Chris screwed the pocket door to the 2×6 then we had to decide how to safely attached it to the wall…

With the top piece of lumber being 2″ thick and the wall’s sheetrock adding another 3/4″ the only way we could securely hang the door was to sink the bolts into the wood so the anchors could open fully on the other side.


Once all the bolts were pushed through and the anchors sprung open we tightened them up, rolled on the door and voila. Custom barn door!

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